connecting MP3 player to Alfa 147 car stereo

Discussion in 'Alfa Romeo 147' started by Gromit, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Gromit

    Gromit Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I suppose I'm not the only one with the following question, but so far
    nobody could give me a satisfactory answer:
    I own an Apple Ipod 15Gb Mp3 player, and would like to connect it to
    my Alfa 147 stereo (Imagine having the equivalent of 150 CDs worth of
    music right there in your car without having to change CDs ever
    again...). There are different possibilities:

    1) Use a cassette adapter - not possible because I have a CD player
    2) Use an FM transmitter - difficult to get in Europe (and I think
    illegal as well), and bad sound quality
    3) Replace the equipped Blaupunkt with a stereo with an Aux input - I
    don't want to do this because it won't fit the look of the car

    So for me the only viable alternative is somehow trying to connect to
    the CD changer input at the back of the radio (or some other input?).
    Now for my question: is this possible, has anybody tried to do this,
    what is the easiest way of doing this, hints... Or does anybody have
    the list of the pins and their use at the back of the stereo (I looked
    at the Blaupunkt website but didn't find any information about the
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Gromit, Aug 22, 2003
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  2. Hello,

    goto, goto to the 147 forum, and search for "Alfa 147 BOSE
    system and iPod: done, works great".
    basically, the guy fitted an FM modulator, and attached his ipod to it. I
    did the same, and it sounds great. Its quite cheap to do as well - FM
    modulators are used for fitting DVD players etc to cars, so even my local
    car stereo shop here in the UK had one.


    willie thompson, Aug 22, 2003
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  3. Gromit

    Pete Guest

    There is LEGAL EU system for FM transmitter/receiver.
    It is low powered and works very good within 10mtr range.

    156 2.0 TS (2001) - Proteo Rosso (his)
    147 2.0 TS (2002) - Gem Green (her's)
    Pete, Aug 22, 2003
  4. your confusing an FM transmitter with an FM modulator !! An FM modulator
    plugs in between the "aerial in" connector and the 147 stereo. To make it
    work, you tune your stereo to a pre-defined frequency, which is the same
    always. Unlike an FM transmitter, you don't lose quality !
    willie thompson, Aug 25, 2003
  5. Gromit

    Pete Guest

    Exactly. Well put Willie.

    156 2.0 TS (2001) - Proteo Rosso (his)
    147 2.0 TS (2002) - Gem Green (her's)
    Pete, Aug 26, 2003
  6. Thanks, I didn't know about that. I checked out the website

    I think if you search around, you can find an FM modulator for about $40.
    Mine was only about £25-£30 here in the UK if I remember rightly.
    Sure, the quality isn't perfect - it's certainly better than an FM
    transmitter though. I bought an addon for the ipod that charged the ipod
    from the cigarette lighter, which also had a pre-amp that boosted the power
    before reaching the modulator. That improved the sound substantially.

    If you want to wire up to the cd changer, you could try this cable - There is a European supplier
    somewhere on line, but I can't find the details.
    This looks like it might work, although I haven't tried it personnally.

    willie thompson, Aug 27, 2003
  7. Gromit

    Gromit Guest

    If you want to wire up to the cd changer, you could try this cable -
    Yes, I found a cable like that at my local car hifi supplier. However
    they said that Blaupunkt was likely to use a different wiring on their
    prefitted radios so you are forced to buy the expensive Alfa CD
    changer instead of a less expensive one from the shops.
    I wasn't able to try out the cable for myself, because I couldn't get
    the radio out far enough to reach the back of it (the connected cables
    are so short, how do you do it if you have to disconnect the unit?).
    They didn't want to install the cable for me unless I provide them
    with a wiring chart of the radio. Which they told me I could get at my
    Alfa dealer. And my Alfa dealer told me I could get the wiring info at
    a Blaupunkt dealer.
    Gromit, Aug 28, 2003
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